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‘No tin foil’ rosemary and lemon salmon August 9, 2010

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…with roasted veg and bean salad. So many vital components to mention, so little title space…
I wasn’t intending on creating something for the blog, but an amazing lunch just snuck up on me and I felt the need to record it. I had no tin foil and wanted to roast some salmon to eat in salads this week. Being ever so slightly lazy I decided I’d find a way around the problem of making sure the salmon didn’t dry out in the oven, or stick to the tin.

if only it was a teeny bit sunnier?

1. Put oil in a pan into the oven to heat (approx 200 degrees, fan oven)

2. When hot, add a layer of really thinly sliced potato (I used sweet potato) to the bottom of the pan, it’s only really required underneath where the fish will sit, any thin slices outside of that will burn but you could fill the pan with lots more veggies if you wanted to.

3. Put the salmon on top, with thin gaps between fillets, sea salt, black pepper and a good sprinkling of fresh rosemary (or your herb of choice), a single layer of thinly sliced lemon straight on top, and a layer of sliced red pepper on top of that. The quantities of each is really down to taste, just make sure that there is a good layer around the fish to stop it drying out.

4. Cook for 30 minutes, and whilst it’s in the oven make a salad. Mine was gem lettuce, red and yellow baby tomatoes, and a mixture of beans in a creamy salad dressing which I layered the salmon onto when I got it out of the oven.


Avoca’s 3 bean salad – perfect for sunny afternoons May 30, 2010

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Crunchy, fresh, satisfying, delicious

Sometimes the simple ones are some of the best, and this Avoca salad is the perfect example.

400g can each of kidney beans, butterbeans and chickpeas (drained and well rinsed)

4 spring onions finely chopped (I used finely chopped red onion instead)

2 red peppers, 2 yellow peppers, diced

1 can of sweetcorn (I don’t like sweetcorn so left it out! Still v colourful because of the peppers)


1tbsp dijon mustard

3 crushed cloves garlic

125ml olive oil

juice of 1 lemon

Make up the dressing, season to taste, then stir in all of the other ingredients. taste and adjust the seasoning. Amazing.