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Sourdough experiments – 3 girls, 6 loaves, 1 KitchenAid June 12, 2010

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Me, Jen and our friend Tamsin decided to try to teach ourselves to make bread, we thought it would be a nice change to bake something savoury and you can’t beat soup or stew with big chunks of fresh bread… or as it’s summer, maybe with ham, cheese and a good chutney.

i want one

Firstly, all hail Jen’s shiny, new KitchenAid which made the whole thing much less messy! Normally this wouldn’t be a plus point, I like excuses to get covered in food, but when you’re feeling a little tired it’s much appreciated.

We made one batch of  sourdough made from rye flour and one using strong white flour and yeast, which gave us 1 sourdough mini cottage loaf straight on the baking tray, a large white loaf in a silicon tray, and 4 sourdough mini loaves in silicon trays with various fillings:
Green olives and pimientos
Cheese and onion
Sundried tomatos, green and black olives, capers and cheese


Lolly with a face anyone?? May 24, 2010

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With the summer coming up I thought I’d look up a few fun gadgets and accessories that were about at the moment.

These lolly heads (left) immediately caught my eye (how could they not)

I have stared at this for ages (right) and still can’t figure out how it would cut up garlic, but if you want to chop garlic for a salad dressing and don’t want your hands to smell of it, then this seems a good way to use up some time Keep reading…