Mad Hatters' Blog

Mad hatters love tea parties… we love them… especially the cake. We also love good food, fun events and interesting people!

About Mad Hatters May 18, 2010

Jen and Cat are 20-somethings living in Exeter in Devon who believe that food, fun, family and friends are all extremely important. Devon, the South West and England has such a great range of local produce and we want to find out about all of it, and help other people learn about it as well. Luckily we have an excellent gang of friends who are going to share their knowledge with us.

Also, there are some fun events to be found in Exeter and Devon but, let’s face it, we’re not overwhelmed by the number of options so we want to help people keep track of what is going on so they don’t miss any of it!

To help you get an idea of who we are, here’s a list of things we love:
cooking for friends
chatting about good food
eating good food
discovering new good food (are you seeing a theme)
honey (and bees, save the bees!)
great local produce
seasonal fruit and veg, yum
the beach
proper icecream