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Black bottom cupcakes – Keep Calm and Carry On June 19, 2010

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The most perfect strawberry

We have already sung the Hummingbird Cookery book’s praises plenty so I won’t do it again, but my first attempt at baking something from it took place today and as it wasn’t too much of a disaster it counts as a success! (I did not have high hopes as I know that precision is important with Hummingbird recipes…)

crazy crumbly cake mixture

I created the chocolate base mixture as per the recipe (which you can find at and, I’m not going to lie, I had a moment of baffled amusement as it was more like a fine crumby/rocky texture rather than a cake mixture and it was early in the process for things to be going wrong, even for me! However, they turned out fine so if you make these then don’t fret if they don’t look as expected, Keep Calm and Carry On…

TAKE 1: Made exactly to the ratios described in the recipe, cupcake case 2/3’s full of black bottom with 1tbsp of cheesecake topping, plenty of choc chips in the topping (Technically a few more than suggested due to a slip of the hand/brain during mixing). These turned out a little bottom heavy for my liking and all of the choc chips in the topping caused a lot of cracking in the cheesecake when baked. Delicious, but not pretty, and with too little cheesecake for my liking. Also, I had LOADS of the bottom left over!

TAKE 2: Half the cupcake case of black bottom, more cheesecake topping, and far fewer choc chips. Much prettier, and you could taste the cheesecake which worked better for me as the bottom as quite bitter so needs the creamy topping. I think that in the future I’ll half the quantity of cupcake mixture that I make, and probably double the cheesecake topping!

These are so rich that the punnet of strawberries that my friend and I polished off at the same time (check out the piccy of the perfect strawberry we found!) were the perfect accompaniment for the pudding. Next time, as well as the amendments made in ‘take 2’ we thought it might work well to make a dip in the cupcake base, put a few choc chips in there, and then put the cheesecake topping on… crazy I know…

Oh also, as the bottom mixture was so unexpected looking I packed half down and left half loose when I tipped the mixture in to see which worked and both worked fine, but I’d advise going with the packing down as if you get the bottom mixture flat then the cheesecake layer is more even. Best of luck!

Cupcake from 'take 2'


3 Responses to “Black bottom cupcakes – Keep Calm and Carry On”

  1. Tamsin Says:

    Mmm, looks yummy! I made some great pasticcini di mandorle last night. You have to try them – coupled with a good coffee they take you straight back to Italy! Oh, and they’re super easy to make.

  2. Thanks! They were so good warm I can’t even explain… super rich and sticky.

    That recipe looks great, are they the little soft ones?

    • Tamsin Says:

      Yep, they’re slightly crisp on the outside and then really soft and chewy inside, I took about 20 into work this monring and there’s one left. Personally I blame Richard.

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