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Baking challenge – the results so far… May 23, 2010

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No one could say I didn’t have a plan. The sun was out and as soon as baking was over I was going to the beach so I wanted to get everything done in the morning, but Jamie said cold cake absorbs the mixture better so honey and pistachio would be made first, to cool while I made muffins, then onto topping both of them. Then off to the beach. Best laid plans and all that…

The honey and pistachio cake mixture smells AMAZING when you pour it into the tray – Greek yoghurt and lemon and orange zest, fresh fresh fresh. I followed the recipe to the word (very unlike me which I think is why baking has gone awry in the past) and the cake looks great fresh out of the oven.

The muffin mix looked much like a very thick cake mixture. Much more complicated to put together than anything I normally make because of the jam in the middle but they have come out ok. Not as tall as I was hoping for, but they were golden brown so had to come out.

I can’t wait for the muffins to cool to ice them before heading out, so I’m off to the beach (woohoo!!) and I’ll ice them both this evening 🙂

They’ll be distributed to friends and family over the next day or two and I shall let you know how they go down!



4 Responses to “Baking challenge – the results so far…”

    The muffins were deemed rich (even without the icing) but delicious by myself and a couple of others yesterday and there will be more opinions to follow later.

    The cake is currently being munched through by my office and although they’re too polite to say if they didn’t like it, it seems to be going down well. It’s still really moist, super sweet and really good and substantial.

  2. CAKEY UPDATE (part deux):
    The muffins went down well but were agreed on as too rich to require the white chocolate icing they were supposed to have.

    The cake got more mixed reactions – it’s quite a funny little beast, very heavy, very sweet and the smell of honey is overwhelming which I think I’d find deliciously tempting if I was abroad but in my kitchen with a cuppa didn’t seem quite right. My sister, however, thought it was very more-ish… but I think she was being nice.

    My next challenge is going to be a recipe from the hummingbird bakery book, but I’m having trouble choosing just one recipe, they all look amazing!

  3. Tamsin Says:

    I vote for the raspberry cheesecake brownies!

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