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Dedicated follower of… Delia? May 19, 2010

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What is your favourite cookbook? Do you have one that you use several times a week but an equally loved book that only gets dusted off once every couple of months?

I have lots of favourites but when I got shown the Avoca cookbook it was instantly on my wishlist…



6 Responses to “Dedicated follower of… Delia?”

  1. teaandcakecrazy Says:

    Avoca is an amazing cook book. The photography alone is phenomenal!

    For everyday inspiration it has to be one of Jamie Oliver’s (my fave being Jamie at Home – I think :S). For desserts I don’t think you can go wrong with James Martin ‘Dessert’.

    Delia definitely has a place, maybe for Christmas….

    Not to mention BBC Food for recipe inspiration….

    Ahhhh…..I can’t choose

  2. Sarah Toland Says:

    I love the Avoca cookbooks, but also the Ballymalloe cookery course book is an bit of a bible for all the basics that you are supposed to know but don’t! Check out the site for great great reicpes too

  3. Thanks Sarah, I’ve linked to that site now – it’s amazing!

  4. I’m a fan of Jamie Oliver because his recipies are so relaxed and easy to change and experiment with… I use his ‘Return of the Naked Chef’ book a lot and then occasionally dig out Delia’s Complete Cookery Course if I want to check how to do something really basic like hard boil an egg!

  5. Tamsin Says:

    My current favourite is the Ottolenghi cookbook; it’s one of the few books where I want to try every recipe, even for things I don’t usually like.

    BBC Good Food is always good for ideas – I like being able to search by ingredient.

    And next on the shopping list is Good to the Grain by Kim Boyce.

  6. Wow, is there a theme to the Ottolenghi cookbook? It looks really quirky. Found some recipes for it at the link below if people want a sneaky peak… the wild rice salad looks good for summer:

    This recipe looks great

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